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Substitute lab pertaining to Unit six lesson 3: Stoichiometry: Keeping track of by Testing Mass


Determine the mass of several samples of chemical elements and ingredients and utilize the data to count atoms.


Start Virtual ChemLab and select Counting by Calculating Mass through the list of tasks. The lab can open inside the Calorimetry lab.

Part you, Measuring Metal

1 . Click the Stockroom. Click the Metals sample cabinet. Wide open the top cabinet by clicking on it. At the time you open the drawer, a petri dish will show up on the table. Place the sample of rare metal (Au) inside the sample dish by double-clicking on it Zoom Out. Double click on the petri dish to go it to the stockroom table. Click the green arrow to come back to Lab. installment payments on your Drag the petri dish to the spot light near the stability. Click on the Harmony area to zoom in. Drag the gold sample to the balance pan and record the mass in Table 1 ) 3. Click the red removal bucket in order to the lab following each sample. Repeat to get lead (Pb), uranium (U), sodium (Na) and a metal of your choosing. USE THE FOLLOWING INFO: YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO INTO THE DIGITAL LAB!

Part 1

Precious metal (Au) В 51. 0616 grams

Lead (Pb) 33. 1230 grams

Uraniun (U) 51. 0581 grms

Sodium (Na) В 2. 8699 grams

Your decision - Nickel (Ni) twenty-four. 0461 grms

Part 2

NaCl В 1. 0483 grms

C12H22O11 В 1 . 0280 grams

NH4Cl В zero. 9963 grams

C6H5OH В 1 . 0362 grams

your selection В Ca(OH)2 В 0. 9765 grams

Part 2, Measuring Compounds

1 ) Click on the Warehouse. Double-click in sodium chloride (NaCl) within the Salts shelf. The right and left arrows allow you to find additional wine bottles. 2 . Go back to Lab. Move the test bottle for the spotlight close to the balance place. Click on the Equilibrium to zoom lens in and open the bottle simply by clicking on the lid (Remove Lid). Pull a piece of consider paper to the balance pan and Tare the balance. 3. Pick up the news and scoop out several sample; as you drag the cursor and the scoop over the face of the bottle it picks up more. Select the...

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