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п»ї Part 3: The Slippery Slope by Edward J. Tully

Content Questions 1 . Based on the observations of stories event in the past 10 years, did Tully's prediction that, " there will be an upward trend of data corruption and abuse of electricity cases” take place? Explain your answer by simply describing at least 3 specific situations of corruption and/or misuse of electricity have occurred as 2003 in your community or state. Former Alabama Governor Don Siegelman was convicted on bribery and other charges 5 years ago, and is at the moment serving amount of time in federal prisoner. Alabama Lawmakers Gambling File corruption error involving VictoryLand Casino owner Milton McGregor and several lawmakers. McGregor and other lawmakers had been found not liable in 2012. Past Birmingham The state of alabama Mayor Larry Langford was charged with 60 matters including bribery, money laundering, and conspiracy and submitting false taxation statements. Langford was convicted in Federal Court in 2009, which is currently serving time in federal government prisoner.

2 . Why do you think that " the temptations to get law enforcement officers have never recently been higher? ” Is this an absolute statement in 2013? Make clear your answer.

Yes. Law enforcement has long been at the higher level, I have been used with Montgomery Police Department for seventeen years and have seen firsthand of how things are done and operated. While an honest police officer I do believe each official should always continue to keep a copy with their agency Code of Ethic and recite it as often as possible. Co-workers and so call friends which can be associated with law enforcement officers usually think that police force can use their job for personal gain and those that uses their job for personal gain has always been weeded out. True friends and associates probably would not ask a law enforcement officer to do something that's not ethical.

3. Based on the perception of your local authorities department, comment on the specific features listed under " What Can the Officer Do” on-page 5 and 6 of the article that do certainly not apply. Be specific and explain how come you think they do not live up to the ethical specifications you recognized. Your perception may be based on personal experiences, media information, and attitudes expressed from your family members and co-workers.

This pass April 2013, a veteran robbery/homicide detective with Montgomery Law enforcement officials Department located himself on the reverse side of the bars. Detective Pat used inadequate judgments by simply failing to impound a person personal items that determined suicide. Private investigator Wilson performed an unethical point by stealing the committing suicide victim money from his wallet and placing the money in his bank. A co-worker witness and confronted Private eye Wilson regarding placing the money in his pocket. Detective Wilson immediately notify his appropriate chain of command as to what he had just done. Private investigator Wilson was arrested and charged with Theft of Poetry 3 rd and forced to retire.

4. Depending on your notion of your county sheriff's office, comment on the particular characteristics outlined under " What Can your Officer Do” on page your five and six of this article which in turn not apply. Be certain and make clear why you imagine they do not live up to the honest standards you identified.

A Montgomery County Mouthpiece lost his job in March of 2012 for doing mailing newd photographs of himself to a other employee while at work. Mouthpiece Miles used very poor decision and forced to resign. Deputy Miles was a mouthpiece for twelve to fifteen years.

5. Relating to Tully, the public would like law enforcement businesses to, " hire people who apply, pay them a reasonably low salary, give them a minimum amount to train, and give them out to enforce legislation. Should they fail in any way, self-discipline them roughly and, if possible, cut off their heads. ” Do you concur or don't agree with Tully's statement? Can be Tully's assertion true intended for the citizen's in your local community? Explain your answer.

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