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 Essay about the language of fashion magazines

п»їPart: ONE


1 . 1 Overture

The significance of print media has been having bigger and bigger because the time improvement all over the world. Magazine is one of the well-liked forms of produce media throughout the world. There are various kinds of magazines with different features and attributes. They can be mostly periodic- monthly and quarterly magazines are most usual. The journals generally focus a particular place and they concentrate on a particular group of people as their goal readers. Including business and economics focused magazines are made mostly to get the business persons, Science and technology intended for the the younger generation and students, art and literature to get the readers who particularly own interest towards art and literature. Sports magazines target the aged enthusiastic lovers of sports and style and way of living magazines happen to be for the people who are concerned pretty much about their living style and modern day days trends. In this statement we have selected such two fashion and life style publications, one neighborhood and 1 international. " InStyle” the international a single, published since British edition and Mirror- the Bangladeshi magazine thought to be one of the most appealing and typical fashion magazine of the region. Both the publications follow English language as their press language and are also published month-to-month. We will attempt to identify the approach of the two frequently oriented publications. Both the mags target the today's contemporary women using their independence and glamour's. In the next section we shall be launched with these kinds of magazines.

1 . 2 Reflect; at a glance:

Identity: Mirror

Journal Nature: Regular monthly

Magazine Type: Fashion & Life style

Founded (First Issue): 2003, Dhaka

Editor: Quazi Jahangir Alam

Number of newsletter: 24, 500 (2013)

Language: British

Company: Looking glass Group (Bangladesh)

1 . several InStyle; in a flash

Name: InStyle

Magazine Characteristics: Monthly

Mag Type: Style & Life style

Established (First Issue): Summer, 1994

Publisher: Ariel Foxman

Number of syndication: 1, 251, 000 (2011)

Terminology: English

Organization: Time Inc. (US)

IPC Media (UK)

Part: TWO


This daily news has been planned as a great academic reason for the students of M. A. in The english language Program. This aims to understand a comparative analysis of both the publications in textual as well as strength sense. This kind of comparison can reveal the similarities and dissimilarities between the two journals each have supreme reputation in their individual platform.

The other purpose of the analysis is to examine the style of dialect of The english language and what techniques are used in the mags. This daily news also attempts to find out how to employ language on the web media

2 . a couple of Methodology

For the constructive assessment time frame and contextual body should be basically same and identical. In this article two mags have been selected with same nature and categorical commonalities. In order to conserve the time frame, the actual number of the magazines for analysis was kept contingency. The Bangladeshi magazine " Mirror” was taken of volume 12, which is the July-August Edition of the current year and an Eid Fashion Unique. On the other hand, the UK based worldwide Magazine " InStyle” was taken of Volume 20, number 5 and it had been the copy of the month of May possibly of this going year. Therefore, from the time frame perspective, both have same system. In order to conserve the contextual frame, the two magazines taken from the similar style and concentrate on readers. Both are fashion and life style publications particularly designed for the intensifying modern women. It is important to mention that the comparison was not produced from all the numbers of the journals, rather the 2 given amounts mentioned before. In the next section, we will begin with all the comparative examination of the journals.

Component: THREE

Comparison discussions on the two mags

The mentioned before numbers of each magazine had been brought underneath the observation in the readers. We...

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