The consequences of Facebook Communication on Cultural Penetration Theory

 Essay about The Effects of Facebook Communication on Social Transmission Theory


The consequence of Facebook Connection on Sociable Penetration Theory

This paper examines a possible study to measure just how CMC -- specifically Fb communication -- is changing and evolving social transmission theory (Altman & The singer, 1973). More specifically, the online surveys are designed to see whether self-disclosure is occurring more quickly in Facebook interactions. Altman and Taylor examine the levels of self-disclosure in sociable penetration theory and this examine will determine whether the lines between these stages happen to be being blurred -- and therefore causing individuals to self-disclose faster and disclose more width and depth of information by earlier phases of the relationship.


Facebook features over 900 million users and they are all sharing information in ways that just would not exist 10 years ago. Users having the ability to share large amounts of information about themselves on users and conversation easily with friends through Facebook's chat interface made obtaining information concerning others incredibly easy. Easier than it used to be. Social Penetration Theory (Altman and Taylor, 1973)

Social Transmission Theory claims that self-disclosure usually improves gradually as people develop their interactions. It shows that self-disclosure can be conceptualized with regards to three sizes: depth, width, and consistency. It is commonly referred to using the onion metaphor. As the frequency of communication and self-disclosure raises, the tiers get fuller and closer to the core -- or even more meaningful or intimate within a relationship perception. Initial interactions in an social setting will typically just involve communication about frivolous matters. As interactions boost, so does the depth with the subject-matters reviewed (Guerrero, Andersen, Afifi, 91). Self-disclosure

Self-disclosure occurs when folks reveal something about themselves to others (Guerrero, Andersen, Afifi,...

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