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" Prepare a written agglomeration for a Board (you can make any company true or imaginary) explaining so why they should increase or lower their security in relation to the threat of terrorism. ”



The purpose of this kind of briefing be aware is to present an overview of terrorist dangers within Africa, spesifically for the Vodacom company operating in the Democtratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and to make recommendations on tips on how to mitigate the risk.


Terrorism: " the United Nations General Assembly offers condemned terrorist acts making use of the following politics description of terrorism: " Criminal functions intended or calculated to provoke a state of fear in the average person, a group of people or particular persons pertaining to political uses are in just about any circumstance unjustifiable, whatever the factors of a political, philosophical, ideological, racial, ethnic, religious or any other character that may be invoked to rationalize them. " Terrorism has become a global threat which is not just confined to the theatre of war, it is also not only geared towards nations associated with those conflicts like the United states of america (9/11) and Great Britain (the July 7 London Bombings) but also with any region and organization that is seen because an ally of such international locations. ESICS Conjonction on THE TERRORISM THREAT FROM THE LIBYAN TURMOIL states " obviously on the side the list of likely objectives for Colonel Gaddafi would be the United Kingdom and France, they are really closely accompanied by the United States (an old and usual foe of Libya but also by the Arab countries participating in the parti, every single countrywide participating in the operations could be seen as a legit target. ” In proclaiming this the purpose that I i am making is, although Vodacom is a To the south African operation, we must consider into concideration that Vodafone, a British business is the major aktionar and the building where the head office can be found, Building Gulf of mexico Oil is an American institution. Thus it will be a serious mistake to help make the assumption that the company may not be seen as a target of militant action and sensationalism. Current Situation:


Emerging Terrorist Networks

" While al-Qaeda has syndicated its ideology and violence, the affiliates and adherents in Africa plus the Arabian Peninsula have become increasingly networked and adaptable inside their recruiting, teaching, financing, and operations. Violent extremist organizations, insurgents, and criminal companies are taking advantage of weak governance and under-governed spaces, and remain identified to injury the United States, the partners and Allies, and innocent people. ” Standard Carter Ham, USA Commander, USA Africa Command in the address towards the Senate of Armed Solutions Committee, a couple of March 2013(sic).

Terrorist organisations are with numerous Photography equipment countries right now including but is not limited to: Country| Active Terrorist Networks (only major listed)

Cameroon| Approach Qaeda – Movement for Democracy and Development (MDD)| Chad| Al Qaeda – Movement intended for Democracy and Justice in Chad (MDJC) +2| Egypt| Al Qaeda + eleven

Eritrea| Al Qaeda – Eritrean Islamic Jihad Movement (EIJH)| Ethiopia| Al Qaeda – Ethiopian Islamic Jihad Movement (EIJH) + 6| Kenya| Approach Qaeda – Al Shabaab

Libya| Ing Qaeda – Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG)| Morocco| Al Qaeda – Moroccan Combatant Islamic Group (MCIG)| Nigeria| Ing Qaeda – Boko Haram

Somalia| Approach Qaeda – Al-Shabaab

Sudan | 's Qaeda – Sudan Persons Liberation Army (SPLA) -- Hezbollah| Syria| Al Qaeda – Al Nusra

Tanzania| Al Qaeda – Persons Liberation Party

Zambia| Riyadus-Salikhin Reconnaissance – Al Nusra

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" The Horn of Africa can be Africa's bridge to the Central East. That fact clarifies much...

Recommendations: Martin Gill, The Handbook of Reliability. 2006

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