Several Physical Facets of Shock Wave/Boundary Layer Interactions

 Essay regarding Some Physical Aspects of Surprise WaveBoundary Layer Interactions

Surprise Waves (2009) 19: 453–468 DOI 10. 1007/s00193-009-0220-z


Some physical aspects of shock wave/boundary layer communications Jean Délery · Jean-Paul Dussauge

Received: 9 Feb 2009 / Accepted: 30 June 2009 / Published online: 26 July 2009 © Springer-Verlag 2009

Fuzy When the flow past a vehicle flying for high velocity becomes supersonic, shock surf form, caused either with a change in the slope of any surface, a downstream barrier or a back pressure constraining the flow for being subsonic. In modern aerodynamics, one can cite a large number of circumstances where surprise waves can be found. The face of a distress wave using a boundary coating results in complex phenomena as a result of rapid reifungsverzogerung of the border layer flow and the distribution of the surprise in a multilayered structure. The result of shock wave/ boundary part interaction (SWBLI) are multiple and often critical for the vehicle or machine overall performance. The surprise submits the boundary coating to an undesirable pressure gradient which may highly distort it is velocity profile. At the same time, in turbulent flows, turbulence creation is enhanced which amplifies the viscous dissipation leading to aggravated overall performance losses. In addition , shock-induced splitting up most often results in large unsteadiness which can damage the vehicle framework or, for least, significantly limit the performance. The article first presents basic and well-established benefits on the physics of SWBLI corresponding to a description regarding an average two-dimensional steady flow. Such an outline allows apprehending the essential properties of SWBLIs and drawing the main highlights of the overall flow structure associated with SWBLI. Then simply, some emphasis is placed about unsteadiness in SWBLI which will constitutes a salient feature of Communicated by A. Hadjadj. J. Délery ONERA/DAFE, Centre de Meudon, Meudon, France e-mail: jean. [email protected] fr T. -P. Dussauge (B) IUSTI, UMR 6595 CNRS-Université d'Aix Marseille, Marseille, France e-mail: jean-paul. [email protected] univ-mrs. fr

this trend. In spite of their particular importance, fluctuations in SWBLI have been regarded since a relatively recent particular date although they signify a domain which in turn deserves a particular attention due to its importance for the clear physical understanding of communications and of the practical consequences as in aeroelasticity. Keywords Distress wave/boundary level interaction · Shock polar · Triple deck structure · Rotating flow · Separated flow · Shock-shock interference · Unsteadiness · Turbulence · Strouhal amount PACS forty seven. 40Nm · 47. 32Ff List of signs (C) Designates a shock E( f ) Power unreal density n Frequency they would Height from the separated bubble L Connection length Meters Mach quantity Convective Mach number Mc Mach quantity at the boundary layer external edge Myself p Pressure Stagnation pressure pst l Density proportion R Designates the reattachment point s Velocity proportion S Designates the splitting up point Strouhal number SL T Designates a three-way point Circulation velocity for the separated flow dividing UD streamline Circulation velocity on the boundary part outer advantage Ue Surprise displacement speed Us



J. Délery, T. -P. Dussauge

X0 (Mc ) ϕ δ ( )

Interaction origin Normalized spreading price of the mixing up layer Shock induced deflection Boundary layer thickness Designates a shock polar

1 Basic introduction If the flow past a vehicle flying at high velocity becomes supersonic, impact waves without doubt form, caused either with a change in the slope of any surface, a downstream obstacle or a back-pressure constraining the flow to get subsonic. In modern pneumatics, one can cite a large number of situations where surprise waves are present. On transfer aircraft, an almost normal shock terminates the supersonic area existing around the wing in certain flight circumstances (see Fig. 1a). This kind of transonic situation is also came across in turbomachine cascades and helicopter rotor blades. Supersonic aeroplanes are much affected by shock...

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