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Name: Gem Clouwin M. Ajon

Activity No .: 5

Activity Title: Sentence Activity


A sentence is actually a grammatical unit consisting of one or more words that are grammatically connected. A sentence can include terms grouped significantly to express an argument, question, exclamation, request, command or advice. As with most language expression, sentences may well contain function and content material words and contain real estate distinct to natural terminology, such as attribute intonation and timing patterns. Sentences are often characterized in most languages by the presence of a finite action-word. Sentence structure is a order and arrangement in the clauses within a sentence, the industry group of terms that communicate a complete thought. Three of the extremely common types of syntax are simple, mixture, and complicated sentences. Each one of these can be recognized by the amount and types of classes found within all of them.

Suggested Activities

1 . Make a sentence in your essay - This activity requires your pupil to take the words and help to make a simple phrase that matches the picture. 2 . Full Sentences: Absent Subjects -- Uh oh yea! There's a lot of actions, but no subject from this worksheet. The student has to fill in the missing topics in every sentence a few. Adding to phrases - Through this activity the student may also expand his writing imagination, as well as his knowledge of syntax. He will grow a sentence in your essay by adding distinct words and phrases. 4. Complete Sentences: Missing Verbs - Lacking verb warn! There are a lot of nouns looking for a verb on this worksheet. Once your youngster fills inside the verb, he'll have a complete sentence. your five. Fix the sentence -- Your scholar will be a grammar handyman through this activity by fixing the run-on phrases and the sentence fragments

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Essay regarding Source

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