Research and Distance Learning

 Research and Distance Learning Dissertation

Module Code: MOD001251

Research 1

Throughout this kind of assignment I actually intend to illustrate an understanding and knowledge of research methodology. Let me examine how research is used to support practice and policy. I will addresses research terms and the functions and responsibilities of the researcher. Our group research project will probably be critically analysed. Kumar (2001) implies research is more than a set of skills. Studies a way of thinking and analyzing the various areas of your day-to-day professional work, understanding and formulating guiding principles that govern a particular procedure. Research helps all of us to understand so why things respond the way they carry out and so why people act in a certain way. If carried out efficiently, research can be imperative as it brings about enhancements made on policy and practice Melts away (1972). Both the predominant techniques of research will be Quantitative and Qualitative analysis (Kumar, 2001). These strategies differ primarily in their analytical objective, the sort of questions they pose as well as the different strategies of data collection. The following description, taken from Aliaga and Gunderson (2000, pg1), describes what we should mean simply by quantitative analysis methods: Quantitative research is ‘Explaining phenomena by collecting statistical data which might be analysed using mathematically based methods specifically statistics. ' (Muijs, 2011) Quantitative research is also referred to as traditional or empirical exploration, meaning that it really is based upon statement, experimentation and measurement (Lambert). Qualitative research is usually a more detailed sort of research and cannot generally be portrayed in terms of numbers. It often takes in to bank account people's ideals, attitudes and opinions. The three most common qualitative research strategies, are participator observation, specific interviews, and focus teams. Each method is particularly suited to obtaining a specific type of data. Lambert (2010, pg 256) infers that both qualitative and quantitative approaches could be combined in a single study to enhance depth and breadth.

For the purpose of the small scale research study we employed a research query as opposed to a hypothesis. A hypothesis is known as a statement of assumption that is tested inside the research (Muijs, 2011). A research question is an initial statement to set the scene for exploratory analysis within an interpretivist framework. A questionnaire was used to gather data for each of our research project. Newby (2010) says questionnaires will be amongst the the majority of popular. The benefit of using a customer survey in day collection is usually they are sensible. A large amount of details can be accumulated from someone in a short time of time. The info can be stated statistically. It really is thus feasible to make reviews with other research. The benefits of a questionnaire can be easily evaluated, analysed and quantified by the researcher (Barlette & Burton, 2012). The cons for this type of research is people may not be genuine when completing the questionnaire this could result in the data provided being fake and therefore unacceptable (ibid).

The interview is among the most prominent data collection device in qualitative research(Muijs, 2011). When data has been quantified, it can be used to compare and contrast study and may provide to evaluate change. Positivists believe that quantitative data may be used to create new theories and / or test existing hypotheses (ibid).

Researchers are required to consider integrity in every facet of their perform. The Belmont Report states the three primary ethical guidelines for applying any human being subjects for research will be Respect intended for Persons, Beneficence and Justice (U. T Department of Health & Human Solutions, 1979. ) The to begin these rules meant that the researcher should treat the participant because an independent individual who should be retained fully knowledgeable at all times. The researcher also need to ensure that persons with...

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