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A microporgram is sequencer perform the operationВ В A. | Read| В B. | write

C. В | Perform

D. В | Read and execute

Response В D

_____________________________________________________________________________________| The control unit of computerВ В A. | Functions ALU procedures on the data| В B. | Controls the operation of the output equipment

C. В | Is a system for manually operating the pc

D. В | Direct the other device of computer systems

Answer В D

_____________________________________________________________________________________| Which usually of the subsequent is a pair of general purpose interior registers? В В A. | Stack| В B. | Damage pad

C. В | Talk about register

Deb. В | Position register

Response В B

_____________________________________________________________________________________| P: " Program is actually a step by step setup of the instructions”. Given L, which in the following holds true?  A. | Program is known as a subset of your instruction arranged. |  B. | Software is a pattern of a part of an training set. |  C.  | Program is actually a partially purchased set of a great instruction established. |  D.  | All the above

Solution В B

_____________________________________________________________________________________| Interrupts that are initiated simply by an I/O drive areВ В A. | Internal| В B. | External

C. В | Software

G. В | All of above

Answer В B

_____________________________________________________________________________________| What is intended by a committed computer? В В A. | Which is used by simply one person only| В B. | Which is designated to one in support of one task

C. В | Which truly does one kind of software

G. В | Which is meant for application software only

Answer В B

_____________________________________________________________________________________| Through which addressing mode the operand is given explicitly in the instructionВ В A. | Absolute| В B. | Immediate

C. В | Indirect

D. В | Immediate

Answer В B

_____________________________________________________________________________________| The program counterВ В A. | Is actually a register

M. | During execution from the current instruction its articles changes| В C. В | Both equally A and B

Deb. В | None of these

Response В C

_____________________________________________________________________________________| Fetch_And_Add(X, i) is a great atomic Read-Modify-Write instruction that reads the cost of memory area X, amounts it by value my spouse and i, and results the old worth of X. It is found in the pseudocode shown below to implement a busy-wait lock. T is an unsigned integer shared changing initialized to 0. The cost of 0 corresponds to lock getting available, whilst any nonzero value compares to the secure being unavailable. AcquireLock(L)

while (Fetch_And_Add(L,1))

L = 1;


L = 0;

This rendering В A. | fails since L can overflow

N. | does not work out as M can take over a nonzero value when the lock is actually available| В C. В | works effectively but may well starve a lot of processes

Deb. В | works correctly with out starvation

Answer В B

_____________________________________________________________________________________| A complete microcomputer system involves В A. | Microprocessor| В B. | Recollection

C. В | Peripheral gear

D. В | All of the above

Answer В D

_____________________________________________________________________________________| The addressing mode used in the instruction DRIVE B isВ В A. | Direct| В B. | Enroll

C. В | Register indirect

D. В | Immediate

Response В C

_____________________________________________________________________________________| The sign-up used being a working location in CPU isВ В A. | Software counter| В B. | Instruction register

C. В | Instructions decoder

M. В | Accumulator

Answer В D

_____________________________________________________________________________________| Through which addressing function the operand is given...

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