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ch 205


ch 205

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The purpose of this kind of lab should be to understand the homes and reactions of hydrocarbons. This experiment has two procedures. The first treatment is to test out the solubility of alkanes and the second is to test the solubility of alkanes when bromine is added to each solution. The comes from the 1st test was that most of the alkanes were soluble, the ones that were not soluble would not change regardless if heat was added to make an effort to promote solubility. The results from the second check when bromine was added was that there were no change to any of the alternatives. The solubility of alkane's results were recognized. While the effects for test when bromine was added were not accepted because there was no reaction coming from any of the solutions. Introduction

The universal regulation for solubility is that " like dissolves like”. Because of this polar alkanes will only reduce in polar solutions while nonpolar alkanes with melt in non-polar solutions. Alkanes are considered to by hydrocarbons that contain singe bonds among carbons. When testing to get the solubility of a hydrocarbon either a homogeneous solution or perhaps heterogeneous answer will be viewed. A homogeneous solution is usually one that would not have any layers meaning the hydrocarbon is sencillo, while a heterogeneous solution will form layers demonstrating that the hydrocarbon is certainly not soluble (Spurlock). See if what she says about the reactivity. Halogenation is identified as the replacement of one or more hydrogen atom inside an organic chemical substance by a halogen. In this test bromine is utilized as the halogen. Halogenation is a alternative reaction. Bromination is considered to be one of the most stable significant...

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