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In January 98, Jürgen Schrempp, CEO of Daimler-Benz A. G., acknowledged Chrysler Organization Chairman and CEO, Robert Eaton, in regards to a possible combination, acquisition, or deep ideal alliance between their two firms. Schrempp argued that: The two companies are a perfect suit of two leaders inside their respective markets. Both firms have committed and experienced work makes and successful products, in different marketplaces and different areas of the world. By combining and utilizing each other's strengths, we will have a pre-eminent strategic position in the global marketplace intended for the benefit of the customers. We will be able to exploit new marketplaces, and we will improve return and value to get our shareholders. 1

Schrempp recounted, " I just presented the case, and i also was out again. The meeting lasted about 17 minutes. / don't want to create the impression that he was astonished. When the conference was more than, / said; 'If you thin I'm naive, this can be non-sense I'm talking, just tell me. ' He smiled and explained, " Give me me a chance. 'We did some evaluation as well, and i also will phone you over the following two weeks. ' I think he phoned me personally in a week or so.,, 2

Independently Eaton got concluded that some sort of combination of The chrysler with another major car firm was needed: the firm was. currently economically healthy, yet industry overcapacity and huge potential investment outlays called for a much larger sort of global competition. Before seeing Schrempp, Eaton had polled investment brokers for their tips about a significant automotive combination,. and had spoken with management from BMW on this theme.

Eaton replied positively to Schrempp's notion of an professional combination. Right now lay forward the task of forging the facts of the contract to combine. Robert Eaton equiped a small activity force of business executives and legal representatives to represent Chrysler in the detailed negotiations. Eaton challenged this kind of team on ∗

This case was well prepared from public information by Instructors Robert Bruner, Petra Christmann, and Robert Spekman and by Assistants Brian Kannry and Melinda Davies. This case will be used in a negotiation physical exercise with " Daimler-Benz A. G.: Discussions Between Daimler motor company and Chrysler" (UVA-F1241). The financial support of the Darden Partnership Plan and the Darden School Basis are gratefully acknowledged. Copyright laws @ 98 by the University of Virginia Darden University Foundation, Charlottesville, VA. All rights arranged


several counts: exploit the benefits of combo; preserve and strengthen the Chrysler brands; minimize the adverse effects of combination on employees and executives; and maximize aktionar value. Eaton reflected within the varieties of conditions the Chrysler team may seek, and immediately convened a meeting to begin planning the team's negotiation strategy. Eaton said, " My number 1 criteria is the fact [any deal) has to be a long term upside without negative initial impact. It includes to be best for the investors. That's my-and my board's-fiduciary responsibility. ” 3

The chrysler Corporation

In 1920, Walter P. Chrysler, a multi-millionaire and the director of Buick at age forty-five, stormed out of your head office of General Motor with the possibility of beginning his individual car business. The The chrysler Corporation was officially released in 1924 with the introduction of the Chrysler Six and rapidly got to be the third major automaker in America. While The chrysler managed to endure the Great Depressive disorder intact, labor problems and rampant mismanagement brought the organization to the edge of financial damage multiple times (e. g., 1956, 1965, and 1993), but most notably in 1980. Beneath the leadership of Lee Iacocca, and with the support of federal loan ensures, Chrysler were able to turn itself around again, returning to success in 1982. While the late 1980s proved difficult for the industry overall, the introduction and...

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