Chile's Society and Culture

 Essay on Chile’s Society and Traditions



Interesting Facts:

● Chile is the narrowest and longest country on the globe • In one 40 year span zero rain fell in Chiles Atacama Desert for 40 years. • Northern Republic of chile is home to the world's driest desert: Atacama. • Practically half of the country's population hails from or around the capital city Santiago. • Chile promises about 1, 250, 500 square kilometers of Antarctica, or roughly 9% of its total size, as Chilean area. They even show the weather condition forecast because of it on the news. • Chile's primary export is definitely copper. The world's greatest open gap mine is located at Chuquicamata in north Chile.

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Sociology and Anthropology

Cultural Traits:

Material Factor


1 . Biotech innovations enhance the country's key industries of mining and salmon fishing. 2 . The government has you want to multiple pursuits aimed at creating a population that uses THIS as an important part of their daily lives.

a few. Software offers opportunities to get growth above the next years, despite a comparatively high software program piracy.

4. IT solutions

For a developing market, the percentage of IT marketplace revenues made by services is currently around 37 %, high considering emerging industry standards, although similar to additional countries in the area such as Brazil.

5. E-readiness

Chile looks forward to one the best telecommunications infrastructure in South America and costs highly in lots of regional e-readiness indicators.


1 ) Among its strengths is definitely Chile 's vast infrastructure. 2 . A sizable portion of the population has a PERSONAL COMPUTER, access to the Internet and increasingly broadband is becoming available to the larger inhabitants. This has allowed the ownership of and reliance after technology to spread.

Not Material Element


The official language of Chile can be Spanish ( castellano because Chileans phone it), which can be spoken simply by practically every one of the country's habitants. In the north region a lot of twenty 1000 indigenous persons also speak Aymará, while many of Chile's Mapuche population speak at least understand their particular ancestral vocabulary, Mapudungu. In Eastern Area the two 1000 native residents speak their particular language of Polynesian source. Chileans of foreign ancestry do sometimes also speak their native language but accomplish that almost solely in the closeness of their house.


The national flag and the national anthem are the two most important signs of nationwide identity. The flag contains two horizontal bands of white (above) and reddish colored (below), symbolizing, respectively, the Andean snow and the Indians' blood gone down in their brave struggle resistant to the Spanish invaders. The banner also has a blue square at the hoist-side end from the white group with a light five-pointed superstar in the center. The green represents Chile's clear green sky as the white star was the Araucanian Indians layer of forearms used in their very own battlefield banners.


❖ Chile, like most Latina countries includes a low Individualism rank. This tells us which the society principles collectivism more than individualism. This can be value is evident in the long-term commitment to family, expanded family, or extended relationships in the Latina culture interaction.

❖ Power Length is given substantial importance as a value intended for the people of Chile. It is described as significantly less powerful users of businesses, such as friends and family, accept and expect that power can be distributed unequally. It goes along with their good value of collectivism. Chileans have a solid sense from the crew and their group identity and role.

❖ Masculinity versus femininity is the following set of cultural values, and it identifies the jobs of the sexes within a society. This is one of the lowest ranked values to get the country, and shows that they value other aspects of their very own culture much more than gender jobs.

❖ Admiration for elders is...

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