Biochemistry: Glucose and Sports Refreshments

 Chemistry: Blood sugar and Sports activities Drinks Essay

Perseverance of Sugars in Sports activities Drinks: A Spectrophotometric Examination

By: Crystle Culling Scholar Number: 2686923 Class: Tues 12pm (odd weeks)

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1015MSC Lab Report

Crystle Culling 2686923


The concentration of sugars in two famous sports refreshments, Powerade and Gatorade, were determined by monitoring an enzyme-catalysed reaction collection involving the presence of NADPH. Sucrose and glucose concentrations were computed from the focus of NADPH formed by the reaction of glucose-6-phosphate and NADP+. Spectrophotometric absorbance readings had been taken in 340nm, the reason is , NADPH absorbs strongly at this wavelength, whilst NADP+ will not (1015MSC, 2010). The concentration of blood sugar and sucrose in Powerade was located to be 0. 43g/100mL and 7. 36g/100mL, whereas the concentration of glucose and sucrose in Gatorade was found to be 0. 94g/100mL and six. 09g/100mL respectively.


Sports drinks including Gatorade and Powerade possess exploded on to the market using a growing reputation and popular with buyers believing this to be a wiser alternative to drinking water, and a healthier option to soft drinks. Argument over any benefits of such drinks has been in the press just as long as they've been on the shelves. An investigation into the sugars concentrations will allow health professionals to accurately assess the health implications and help to make recommendations to the public with regards to consumption. The application of enzyme-catalysed reactions followed by absorbance spectrophotometry may be successfully utilized to monitor reactions which require either the look or disappearance of cofactors. NADPH absorbs ultraviolet light at a wavelength of 340nm, although NADP+ does not. This NADPH cofactor is definitely released when ever glucose-6-phosphate acts with NADP+ in the existence of an enzyme such as glucose-6phosphate dehydrogenase. This relationship between the concentration on this important cofactor and the focus of sucrose and glucose ultimately permits the perseverance of the sweets content of such different athletics drinks.

Materials and Methods

This experiment was performed in accordance with the detailed methods outlined in Experiment five in the 1015MSC Laboratory Manual (1015MSC, 2010). In summary: Common solutions of sucrose and citrate buffer were well prepared and analysed with the spectrophotometer at 340 nm. Following incubation, a TEA stream and an enzyme solution were added and an evaluation was made between spectrophotometry with the two athletics drinks plus the standard solutions to determine the concentration of total blood sugar plus sucrose. This step was repeated with no citrate barrier to determine the sugar concentration. Page | 2

1015MSC Laboratory Report

Crystle Culling 2686923


?nternet site did not show up at this lab, the sample data provided was used as a basis pertaining to my benefits, discussions and calculations. Stand 1 displays the absorbance readings following first response sequence. These kinds of readings will be indicative of sugar levels (i. electronic. both glucose and sucrose levels) in the diluted examples. Figure 1 is a visual display on this data, exhibiting the different concentrations plotted up against the absorbance big difference. This process was repeated for the absorbance readings of glucose levels inside the second process. Table 2 displays the resultant absorbance readings, and Figure 2 is a visual display of this data. Table 3 displays the final beliefs of sucrose and glucose concentrations (g/100mL) found in Powerade and Gatorade.

Table one particular: Spectrophotometric absorbance readings in the sucrose and glucose assay

Concentration (mM)

0 2 4 6 Powerade Gatorade

Absorbance one particular (@340nm)

0 0 0. 013 zero 0 0

Absorbance 2 (@340nm)

0 0. 333 0. 578 0. 917 0. 36 0. 393

Absorbance Big difference (A2-A1)

0 0. 333 0. 565 0. 917 0. 36 0. 393

Figure you: Relationship between your concentration of sucrose and glucose and spectrophotometric absorbance

Concentration of Glucose as well as Sucrose vs . Absorbance of...

References: 1015MSC Chemistry of Biological Systems II 2010 Laboratory Manual Lemonick, M. D. (2006). The sports-drink wars. Period International (Canada Edition), 168: 9 Murphy, D. (2004). Water versus sports drinks. Current Health 2, 30: 8, p18 Nutrition Brands Initiative. (2010). Viewed November 3 2010, Powerade. (2010) Seen November you 2010, Sawyer, S. (2005) Sports activities drinks trial finds substantial levels of dental erosion. Uk Dental Diary, 198: 6th, p325.

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