Essay upon cHEM CHP1

P. one particular Multiple Choice Questions

1) Water,, is definitely an example of a(n) ________.

A) chemical substance

B) solid

C) wave

D) electric charge

E) element

Answer: A

2) In this list, which compound can be labeled as a chemical substance? A) sodium

B) sleep

C) cold

D) heat

E) temperature

Answer: A

3) One example of a substance used in tooth paste is ________.

A) chlorine

B) sulfur

C) carbon dioxide

D) calcium supplement carbonate

E) sugar

Response: D

4) Which will of the following is not a chemical?

A) salt

B) water

C) light

D) carbon dioxide

E) sweets

Answer: C

5) Sodium monofluorophosphate is actually a chemical used in toothpaste to ________.

A) make the paste white

B) disinfect the toothbrush

C) keep your paste coming from spoiling

D) take out plaque

E) improve tooth enamel

Response: E

6) Chlorofluorocarbons are broken down in the atmosphere by ________.

A) nitrogen dioxide

B) ozone

C) iron


E) ultraviolet (uv) light

Answer: Elizabeth

7) When a part of the body is injured, substances called ________. are released.

A) aspirins

B) pain relievers

C) nitrogen oxides

D) chlorofluorocarbons

E) prostaglandins

Answer: Electronic

8) The production of smog in the chemical ZERO requires ________.

A) nitrogen

B) chlorine

C) water

D) fresh air


Answer: G

9) When scientific information is utilized for industrial purposes, the discipline is known as ________.

A) the scientific method

B) marketing

C) commercial

D) hypothetical

E) technology

Solution: E

10) Using scientific data to develop fresh materials to benefit society is a good example of ________.

A) technology

B) philosophy

C) marketing

D) sociology

E) politics

Answer: A

11) DDT is a form of ________.

A) herbicide

B) war gas

C) plant

D) insecticide

E) metal

Answer: M

12) Chlorofluorocarbons are destructive for the ________.

A) ozone produced by ground level in traffic

B) water in the higher atmosphere

C) nitrogen dioxide in smog

D) ozone layer in the upper ambiance

E) copper in telephone wiring

Answer: D

13) Titanium dioxide is actually a chemical utilized in toothpaste to ________.

A) associated with paste light

B) disinfect the toothbrush

C) maintain the paste from spoiling

D) remove plaque

E) enhance tooth teeth enamel

Answer: A

14) The first step in the clinical imethod is definitely ________.

A) applying technology

B) producing observations

C) building a hypothesis

D) doing tests

E) proposing a theory

Answer: M

15) DDT was a good pesticide because ________.

A) it had low toxicity to animals

B) it was cheap to organize

C) it was dangerous to many pesky insects

D) it had low toxicity to humans

E) all the above

Response: E

16) A good way to enhance your learning in chemistry is to ________.

A) study a bit every day

B) form a study group

C) go to workplace hours

D) end up being an active student

E) all the above

Answer: Electronic

17) You notice that there is more traffic among 8 and 9 each day. This would be a(n) ________.

A) observation

B) hypothesis

C) try things out

D) theory

E) all the above

Answer: A

18) There may be more traffic between 8 and 9 the next day because many people start act on 9. This may be a(n) ________.

A) observation

B) hypothesis

C) experiment

D) theory

E) all the above

Answer: N

19) In order to improve your learning in chemistry, you mustn't ________.

A) study a little each day

B) form research group

C) head to office hours

D) be an active learner

E) wait until the night before test to study

Answer: E

20) Which with the following is actually a chemical?

A) sugar

B) heat

C) lumination

D) noise

E) a wave

Answer: A

G. 2 True/False Questions

1) The reddish-brown color of smog is due to.


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